Hello! I'm Debbie. Here are some facts about me, and then some thoughts on what those facts might mean about me as an employee.


I was born in the U.S. and am a U.S. citizen, but I spent my formative years in a tiny village surrounded by fields of sheep in England. This comes out most prominently in my fondness for a lovely cup of tea with milk and sugar, and maybe a nice biscuit.

All of the benefits of hiring someone with a highly sought-after villager's perspective without the hassle of  pesky visa paperwork!


I have a B.A. in English with minors in French and theater from UCLA.

UCLA has one of the best English departments in the country (or so I was told by some very proud faculty at graduation). Along with the obvious reading and writing skills involved, this degree also enhanced my critical thinking and research skills as well. Being comfortable with conducting in-depth research, organizing it, thinking about it critically and then effectively communicating the results has proved invaluable across many areas of my life, and both clients and coworkers seem to respond well to well-written email communication.

I have an A.A. in acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, was a part of their acting company for the 2010-2011 season, and have almost a decade's experience in improvisational comedy.

There is a reason corporate improv workshops are a thing. My experience with acting and improv has taught me how to think on my feet, adapt, truly listen to the people I'm working with, and support the team. I love hearing other people's ideas and then working together to build on them. Oh, and I'm also funny and fun to be around. So there's that.

I tend to find myself in organizational roles.

Every improv team has someone who acts as point person wrangling the troops, organizing rehearsals and booking shows. I'm that person. I am also the person at work that makes beautiful spreadsheets for everything so that when a whole team of people is working on multiple things at once, it is easy for everyone to see what part of the process everything is in and what needs to be done. I have even found myself in multiple guild leadership positions in World of Warcraft. If the group I'm a part of is trying to get something done, I'll do everything in my power to get them there.


"Debbie is one of the most dedicated and competent people I have had the pleasure of working with. [...] She will be an asset to any company."


- Lizzie Worsdell, Senior Colleague

"Debbie is fantastic! Extremely organized, intelligent, creative, and 'chill'! [...] In Debbie’s hands, your project will not only get done, but it will be excellent."


- Linda Brennan, Employer

"She's just great!"

- Jan Fry, Mother

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