Debbie Fry was born in the U.S. but spent her formative years in a tiny village surrounded by fields of sheep in England. This comes out most prominently in her rather constant craving for a lovely cup of PG Tips tea with milk and sugar, and maybe a nice biscuit. She moved to Virginia at the age of 12 and dropped the British accent in an attempt to fit in a bit better with her new classmates. In hindsight, the bigger issue was probably the braces/giant glasses/cargo pants/puffy jacket/greasy hair combo she was rocking, but that’s hindsight for you.


After high school, she went on to UCLA where she showered, got some new clothes, and got a B.A. in English with minors in French and Theater. She liked the theater part. She wanted to do more of it. So she auditioned on a whim for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and she got in. She spent a wonderful two years learning the craft of acting from some truly amazing teachers and then was accepted to be a part of their acting company for a year, where she got to be in six productions. All in all, auditioning for the Academy was one of the best whims she’s ever had.


Since graduating and being dumped out wide-eyed into this big, beautiful world, Debbie, like so many others, has worked to find a balance between her desire for order and stability and her love of creative outlets. The nerdy little girl who made her mother buy her academic workbooks to fill out because she thought they were fun now spends her days working in an office living the spreadsheet dream. And that whim-following hooligan of the stage has discovered the numerous joys and challenges of improvisational comedy. She has studied at multiple comedy schools including UCB, iO West, the Groundlings, and the Pack Theater (formerly the Miles Stroth Workshop), and can be seen most nights either watching or performing in one of the improv theaters around Los Angeles. That is, when she's not sitting at home drinking tea and reading a book or binge watching all the shows on TV.

"She's just great!"

- Jan Fry, Mother

"Sometimes she takes out the trash. Not often."

- Katherine Barcsay, Roommate

"If you made a video a week, in a year you'd have 52 videos!"

- Bill Fry, Father

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